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About Snapperz

Snapperz is part of the KNS News Group, the country’s leading forum for selling news, pictures and videos to newspapers, magazines and television.

Established since 1991 we are now responsible for many of the biggest exclusive stories that appear in the media.


Snapperz has been set up specifically to deal with the insatiable demand for photographs and video from newspapers and magazines.

Millions of people now carry around smart phones making it possible for anyone to capture a photo that could be worth thousands of pounds.

Snapperz enables ordinary people to get the highest possible price for their photograph without the hassle of having to try and sell the picture themselves. We have the know-how and the contacts to make sure you get the highest price possible for your photographs.

Snapperz remains part of the KNS News Group.

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    How To Sell Your Photo Or Video

    1. Contact Us About Your Photo Or Video
    2. Describe It Or Send Us A Copy 
    3. We Tell You Whether It Can Be Sold
    4. We Agree A Fee You Are Happy With
    5. Your Photo Or Video Is Published
    6. You Get Paid