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Legal Information


Please be aware that the terms and conditions in some other photo agency sites means that simply by uploading a photo to them means you hand over the copyright and allow them to sell it without further consultation.

While working with us you retain the copyright to your photo unless we specifically ask to buy it from you.

We are often asked by people who have taken photographs or video to clarify the position on copyright and ownership of their images or film.

Rightly so, as people who put their images and video on social media sites often have them stolen and beamed around the world for the profit of others with no recompense or credit to the original creator of the image or film.

It sounds a complicated issue but in practise it is actually very simple.

Under copyright law it is the photographer who took the photo who owns the copyright on it. That applies for life and no special paperwork is needed to assert that authority.

There are one or two exceptions to the general rule. For instance, if a photographer is employed by a company and instructed to take photos, then the company will in all likelihood claim ownership of the copyright. Also, there may be occasions where the photographer (the owner of the copyright) assigns the copyright to someone else for business reasons.

The position of Snapperz is quite clear:

We do not seek ownership of your images or films. The copyright on all images or video stays with the originator at all times.

On rare occasions we may ask for the copyright to be assigned to us for a short period, typically around 48 hours, to enable sales to be made and copyright protected. If that situation arises it will be clearly explained to the contributor and why it is beneficial to do so.

We also reserve the right to use images or videos for promotional purposes when marketing Snapperz and sister site KNS News Group.

Because we are respected in the media industry and have a good reputation for protecting the copyright of our contributors, we are the perfect choice to be acting as your agent.

If any images sold, marketed or syndicated by Snapperz are used without permission, we will attempt to contact the transgressor and ensure the copyright applying to an image or video is protected.