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What Sells?

Below is a useful guide to explain the types of photos and videos we want you to send us.

What types of photographs and videos sell?


Photos and videos that we are keen to see.


  • A photograph or video of a newsworthy event.
  • Photographs or video of celebrities, politicians or a member of the Royal family.
  • Do you have a photograph of a celebrity, politician or someone in authority doing something they shouldn’t?
  • A photograph or video of someone who is involved in a major news event. Pictures of defendants in notorious court cases can sometimes be worth large sums, for instance.
  • A photograph or video of a bizarre or unusual happening. Have you done something amazing and been filmed or photographed doing it?
  • Extraordinary wildlife photos and video whether in the UK or abroad, can be very sellable.
  • Did your photograph or video make all your friends laugh, make them sad, or amaze them in any way. If so, the footage may be sellable.




Photos and videos we are not keen on.


  • Photos of landscapes. We get sent a lot of your beautiful photos of mountains and other panoramic scenes from holiday photos. Unfortunately these are not really sellable.
  • Artistic photography which may look fantastic but newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets that we supply are rarely interested in them.
  • Pictures that everybody else has or have already been published. If you are, say, attending a sporting or red carpet event which is covered by official and press photographers it is unlikely they will be sellable unless your picture is radically different. It is possible you could get something at these events which is better than anyone else. If you are unsure, please call us. For further advice, see below.




What we mean by exclusive photo and video.


An exclusive photo of video really means an image that depicts an event that no-one else has captured.

Your picture, if it is exclusive, will invariably be worth more if nobody else was there at the time to also record the same moment. For instance, if you have a picture of Tom Cruise arriving at a film premiere, there will usually be many other photographers with the same shot who are looking to sell their picture. That decreases the value of your shot. However, if you have the only shot of Tom Cruise at the same event doing something unexpected or unusual, it could still be sellable.

The test at the end of the day is whether the picture informs, amuses, or surprises in some way. If your friends and family have laughed or been amazed when you’ve shown them the photograph, it may well be sellable.

To give you a better idea of the sort of photographs and video we are after from you, please click on View Pics to see examples of photographs and video we have already sold.

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    How To Sell Your Photo Or Video

    1. Contact Us About Your Photo Or Video
    2. Describe It Or Send Us A Copy 
    3. We Tell You Whether It Can Be Sold
    4. We Agree A Fee You Are Happy With
    5. Your Photo Or Video Is Published
    6. You Get Paid